Service companies agree to invest 10.5 million dollars for Mexico and Peru – El Sol de México

In the 6th edition of the Peru Service Summit, an event organized by the Export and Tourism Promotion Commission (PROMPERÚ) that was held between the Andean country and Mexico from March 6 to 11 in Mexico City and Guadalajarathe most important exportable service companies from both countries.

39 Peruvian businessmen participated in this event who had meetings with businessmen from the CDMX, Guadalajara and Sonora. The main objective was to close commercial agreements with potential clients from both countries.

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Among the services offered by Mexico are companies in the field of finance, mass consumption, health, education and mining.

The event was a complete success, the Peruvian companies that participated in the event achieved reach 10 million 538 thousand dollars in trade agreements with companies in our country.

Final figures indicated that in trade agreements, 54.38 percent of the agreements were closed with companies from CDMX, 37.55 percent with Guadalajara, and 8.07 percent with companies from Sonora.

The Peru Service Summit was founded in 2018, it has had the presence of 180 companies from the sectors of software, digital marketing, animation, collections, mining services, franchises and in these five years they have developed close to 1,941 business appointments that left 128 million dollars in business opportunities.

“As an organization dedicated to the promotion of Peruvian services, PROMPERÚ will continue to support companies in its country, so that they continue to bet on the internationalization of their services and thereby raise the flag of our country in global markets,” said Maria Teresa Villena Ramírez, representative of PROMPERÚ in Mexico.

“We are convinced that the Peru Service Summit is a platform that has allowed us to position ourselves in world markets as providers of competitive, specialized and innovative business solutions with very attractive prices. That is why we increasingly feel the need to continue with this process of promotion and dissemination of our Peruvian companies in the different segments”, added David Edery Muñoz, representative of PROMPERÚ Services Exports.

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“In 2022, Peruvian shipments to this country exceeded 630 million dollars, which represents a growth of 43.6 percent compared to the previous year. The export of Peruvian services seeks to follow this growth trend and one of the main mechanisms is the Peru Service Summit,” the statement concluded.


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