Serie A2 basketball – Novipiù sells to Urania of Milan – Alessandria Oggi

Milano – After the surprising blow against Treviglio and the strongly desired one against Juvi Cremona, Monferrato Basket has begun to seriously caress the dream of direct salvation. However, a difficult dream to achieve even in the event of a third consecutive victory against Urania Milano, as it would have required some missteps by Trapani. Coach Comazzi’s men had to get the thought out of their heads on their own, going to lose in anticipation of Saturday night against the Meneghini, which will therefore force them to have to go through the safety group to be able to confirm their stay in A2. Novipiù lost, but not without fighting and confirming the positive impressions gathered in the previous matches, to be further confirmed in the last home round of the reculare season against Agrigento, before diving into the second part of the year. The Allianz cloud match saw Monferrato at work right from the start, intent on conquering the Lombardo facility, with an immediate advantage in scoring which then continued for a large part of the second quarter. Then coach Villa’s troops came out with great force to recover the difference, equalize it and reverse it with one in their favor. It is always played on the edge of a constant balance in scoring, Comazzi’s team experiences the moment of greatest inspiration at the beginning of the second half, the forcing of the Monferrato team diminishes however at a distance during the last quarter. Captain Martinoni and his companions begin to lose efficiency, the locals identify Montano as the element capable of bringing the ship to port with the baskets necessary to re-establish a leadership in the match, proof of a sensational final comeback.

Urania Basket – Novipiù Monferrato 75 – 67 (23-19/ 44-39/ 55-55/ 75-67)
Urania Basketball:
Potts 13, Pullazzi 11, Pezzola ne., Marra ne, Montano 12, Amato 6, Hill 21, Valsecchi, Ebeling 14, Piunti 8, Cavaliero. All.Villa.
Novipiù Monferrato Basket: Ellis 10, Carver 4, Martinoni 13, Justice 12, Formenti 6, Poom ne, Ghirlanda ne, Valentini 2, Mele ne, Leggio 12, Sarto 8. All. Comazzi.


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