Schumacher’s accident affected his son. “He would be a different driver”

Mick Schumacher was one of the most promising drivers of the young generation. The German raced for Haas in Formula 1 for two years, but his results were ultimately not satisfactory enough. As a result, in the 2023 season, Michael Schumacher’s son had to agree to the position of reserve driver at Mercedes. Former Jordan team boss Eddy Jordan, however, admitted that if it wasn’t for his father, Mick would be a much better driver.

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Failed adventure in F1

In his junior career, Mick Schumacher did very well to say the least. The German driver was able to winning the F3 and F2 world championships, which allowed him to think about a positive entry into Formula 1. In the Haas team, in his first season he managed to maintain a clearly better pace than the Russian Nikita Mazepin.

The situation was slightly worse in 2022, when the experienced Kevin Magnussen became his partner. At that time, Schumacher, having a much faster car, was unable to compete with the Dane, who had been at least very good since the first race in Bahrain. Because of this, his career came to a halt and the German had to accept an offer to become a Mercedes reserve driver.

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If not for his father, he would be a different driver

Former Jordan team boss Eddy Jordan shed some new light on the matter. In an interview with The Sun, he admitted that if not for the weight of the name and his father’s accident, Mick could have been a much better driver who would have anchored in Formula 1 for much longer.

– It’s very difficult for Mick. Certainly, if not for the weight of the name, it would be much easier for him and he could be a much better driver. Not only was there a lot of pressure on him, but his father’s accident is never good for a young player of great talent. Mick had to grow up quickly, and that may have slowed his development,” Jordan said.

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