Scandal in England! A Manchester United player ‘caught’ taking drugs

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The player of Manchester United, Brandon Williams, has been ‘caught’ while inhaled laughing gas In a car with a friend. Even though she drug is legal to use in englandthe scandal could lead to Williams’ sudden departure from the team.

In the images captured by The Sunthe player of the Manchester United would be allegedly consuming a drug which in England is known as ‘hippy crack‘ and that it is a Anesthetic gas popular with British youth who inhale it to feel a euphoric high Of short duration.

Even though that him ‘hippy crack’ is legal in England, the British government has been working for a long time to illegalize its use due to secondary consequences who has used this drug.

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In Englandcriticism of the young player was not long in coming: “She’s a irresponsibility considering that he is a public figureis meant to be a role model for youth and future footballers”, they commented to the English medium.

The scandal could have consequences for the immediate future of the defender at Manchester United and it is that the strong controversy generated as a result of the controversy could permanently remove him from the team.


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