Say goodbye to the Mexican National Team! Juan Toscano Anderson is no longer with Mexico – Fox Sports

Juan Toscano Anderson confirmed that he is retiring from the Mexican National Team to focus on his career with the Utah Jazz in the NBA.

The player confirmed his decision in an interview for HispanicSportsMedia despite the fact that last week he had revealed his intention to attend the World Cup with Mexico.

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Farewell to the Mexican National Team

Juan Toscano Anderson talked with HispanicSportsMedia about his present with the Utah Jazz, his relationship with his coach, and his intentions with the Mexico national team.

I’m doing good, it’s a good club (Utah Jazz), good vibes. A good group of guys and I’m taking the day to day.

We have a very good relationship (with his coach, Will Hardy), he has a lot of experience. A very high level, he was with the (San Antonio) Spurs below Gregg Popovich, Boston (Celtics) last year in the finals, he has a lot of experience, he is a good coach, very good coach”.

“I felt very happy to see my friends fulfill a dream, but for me I’m not going back with the selection. That was a part of my life and well I will focus my career here in the NBA”.

Changes in his NBA career

Juan Toscano Anderson He has lived difficult months in the NBA with constant changes. First, he won a ring with the Golden State Warriorssubsequently agreed to play with Los Angeles Lakersbut it lasted a short time as a partner of LeBron James and was transferred to the Utah Jazz prior to market close.

Faced with so much change, he considered that the best decision for his career is to concentrate solely on his new team and seek prominence on the court.

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