Santos introduces another change in the squad. The players are very happy with it. The Polish national team

Fernando Santos became the head coach of the Polish national team on January 24, and from Monday, March 20, the first training camp under his leadership takes place. The Portuguese changed a number of rules that have been in force in the team for years. It’s about, among others for shared meals, limiting the use of telephones and changing the reserve bench at the PGE National Stadium. The new discipline also applies to training, and one of the sessions that has been going on for years will permanently disappear from the team’s schedule.

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This is how the training of the team looked like under the supervision of Fernando Santos

An important change in the work schedule of the Polish national team. There will be no such training

So far, the Polish national team has always trained at the facility where the meeting will take place. Fernando Santos decided that such a session does not make sense and spoils the organization of time before the match. For this reason, the team will now train in the morning on the day of departure for matches, and on the day of the match will have a classic, pre-match warm-up. Information about the change was provided by the team manager and spokesman of the national team, Jakub Kwiatkowski in an interview with “Kanał Sportowy”.

– The bigger change is that we don’t train in match stadiums at all when it comes to away matches. On Thursday there will be training in Warsaw and only in the afternoon departure – Kwiatkowski said.

The Polish national team needs silence. But not the one imposed by the selector

This change pleased the representatives who were not satisfied with the training at the rival’s facility. They believed that it disrupts the flight day and the match day and is not as effective. “The players are very happy about it. Contrary to the opinion circulating in the media, this training the day before the match at the stadium does little for the players. Rather, the day is long and drawn out and the players don’t like it. They prefer to train at home in the morning, leave in the afternoon and go straight to the hotel. Dinner and practically this pre-match day is over – summed up the team manager of Biało-Czerwonych.

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The Polish national team will hold the last training session on Thursday, March 23, and on the same day the flight to the match with the Czech Republic will take place. The Euro 2024 qualifying match is scheduled for Friday, March 24 at 20:45.

The first training of the Polish national team players led by coach Fernando Santos.  Warsaw, Legia Stadium, March 20, 2023Czech Republic – Poland, Poland – Albania. When and where to watch Euro 2024 qualifying matches? [TRANSMISJA TV, STREAM]


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