Sanitary campaign, instructions to the farmer

The main events that occurred on this day in Ourense, with the newspaper library of La Región.

Sanitary campaign, instructions to the farmer

(1) The province of Orense is eminently livestock. You must, farmer, let yourself be illustrated and advised by veterinarians for the improvement, health care and selection of your cattle.

The sanitary and zoo-technical aspects are the pillars where our livestock must rest. They are inseparable and both complement each other in such a way that one cannot speak of zoo-technical without prior health.

You must gladly complete all the points that are taught to you in Outreach Courses, Press or by outreach conferences. You must be an apostle near your own neighbors, for everything you have learned or know from your culture and knowledge. It is your duty to disclose everything that the vet teaches you about livestock. But apart from this zeal in the introduction of the ameliorating and scientific, you must completely flee from all “amateurs and connoisseurs” in diseases. By exercising these intrusiveness, they take their fateful practices to the field. They are unaware of the health problem in all its complexity, they rush to want to cure and treat diseases and their consequences are disastrous. Your cattle are worth much more than what you grant them, when you deliver them to the hands of inexperienced people who intend to cure their ailments. Have high views, in all your actions.

In the sanitary aspect, you must banish the custom of leaving the carcasses of cattle dead from contagious disease forgotten in the fields or incompletely buried. You must bury them, and for such work, an exemplary encouragement and enthusiasm must prevail among all the residents of your parish, since with this you counteract the disastrous consequences of the diffusibility of germs by various agents. Winds, dogs, birds, etc., with which YOU will also suffer the consequences. You must limit the land that is needed and bury absolutely all the cattle of any kind, in said land, which will never graze any cattle.

You must also banish the habit of taking advantage of the leather of cattle that have died of a contagious disease. It must be completely destroyed.

(Article published in La Región in 1948)

March 19, 1923 – More relatives of soldiers killed in Africa

Relationship of parents of dead orense soldiers in Africa to those who correspond to a participation in the donation sent by the Spanish colony in Cuba: Domingo Otero (Orense), Castorina Paredes Blanco (Taboadela), Ruperto Paradela Gayoso (Viana del Bollo), Juan Penedo Riande (Boborás), Manuel Pereira Muñoz (Nogueira de Ramuín), Generosa Pérez Nóvoa (Solares), Ángela Pérez Alonso (Cobelo), Avelina Pérez Rodríguez (Pol), Agustín Pousada Vera (Frifa), Eudoro Prada Rivera (La Rúa), Domingo Prieto Rodríguez (Thursday), Estrella Rodríguez (Orense), José Rodríguez (Orense), Severina Rodríguez Carcacía (Vereije), Clara Rodríguez Díaz (Calvos), Ramona Rodríguez Martínez (Berredo), Petra Rodríguez Mayor (Orense), Inocencio Rodríguez Penedo (Leiro), Agustina Rodríguez Rodríguez (Coba), Aurora Rodríguez Rodríguez (Castromao), Francisco Rodríguez Soto (San Martín de Lamas), Luisa Rollón Fernández (Orense), Nazario Salgado Rodríguez (San Pedro de Moreiras), Manuel Sampil Cachaldora (Triós ), Manu She Sampil Cachaldora (Triós), Luciano Suárez Courel (Río Mao), Policarpa Taboada Carballo (Rabal), Vicente Ucha Fernández (Trabazos), Amalia Vicente Garrido (Pardeconde), Antonio Vila Conde (Carballino), Manuela Ares Fernández (Barco de Valdeorras ), Francisca Castro de Dios (Cillarera).

March 19, 1948 – Scandinavian Alliance against the Soviet Union

Quintín Alonso from Vigo is proclaimed Galician ski champion in Peña Trevinca, with an outstanding performance by the skiers from Ourense Mary Iglesias, Geles Iglesias, Francisco González or Gonzalo Gurriarán, the latter winner of the veterans test.

-The young doctor Don Luis Carrero Nine takes possession of the position of otorhinolaryngologist of the Institute of Hygiene of the Provincial Health Services of Orense.

-(1) The Anti-Anthrax Sanitary Campaign gives instructions to the farmer from Orense.

-Granting passports in Orense to: Dolores Diéguez Fernández, Leonardo Araujo Fernández, Agenor Castaña López, Carmen Balboa González, Carmen Rodríguez Couto, Ramona Cid Conde, Benito Fernández Cortés and Jesús Janeiro Abeijeiras.

-Norway, Sweden and Denmark join in a “common anti-communist front” after the recent USSR pressure on Finland and the coup in Czechoslovakia, an alliance of the Scandinavian countries that comes after President Truman’s speech against the USSR and which defines itself “in favor of freedom and democracy before dictatorship and slavery.”

March 19, 1973 – A Galician judo champion from Orensa

Manuel Pérez López, from Ourense Judo Club, was proclaimed Galician heavyweight judo champion in the Championships held at the Orense Sports Pavilion.

-Orense draws against Basconia (1-1) with a goal by Tomé and consolidates its leadership in the Third Division.

-Barcelona recovers the leadership of the First Division by beating Real Sociedad 1-0 with a goal from Martí Filosía.

-Princess Anne of England deserves to be part of the British horse riding team that will participate in the European championship to be held in Kiev, surpassing in the last test held in England even what they say is her sentimental partner, Lieutenant Mark Phillips , with which he “coincides” in tests followed these days by a number of unusual photographers for the world of horse riding.

-Northern Ireland lives one of the most violent weekends in recent months with ten bomb attacks in which a British soldier was killed and two others were injured, a civilian was killed and numerous shootings in which British troops returned fire on several occasions.

-The justicialist Héctor Campora is emerging as the winner of the elections in Argentina in the first round, a triumph for Peronism that once again dreams of Perón’s return to the country.

March 19, 1998 – Tribute to Dr. Cabaleiro Goás

The assembly hall of the Polytechnic building of the University Campus of Ourense hosts an act of homage to Dr. Manuel Cabaleiro Goás offered by the Galician Association of Psychiatry, presenting the complete work of the so-called “universal psychiatrist” in three volumes, with the presence of his son of the honoree the also psychiatrist Manuel Cabaleiro.

-They were born in Ourense: Paula Iglesias Basalo and Yelco García Armada.

-The poet from Ourense José Ángel Valente offers a conference on his life and his work at the Casa de Galicia in Madrid under the title “Figure of a man in two mirrors”.

-The new fountain and lighting of the Curros Enríquez roundabout is commissioned in Ourense, with 47 points of light, underwater projectors, 21 lampposts and more than 26 thousand watts of light, after an investment of close to one hundred million pesetas, well over the 70 million for which the works were awarded.

-International defender Andoni Goicoetxea leaves Athletic Bilbao at the age of 32 and signs for the Japanese team Yokohama Marinos.



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