salary of 10-12 million and the Champions League as a goal

En Säbener Straße, the Bayern Munich Sports City, the orders for Thomas Tuchel. The German coach has taken command of the Bavarian team after the sudden dismissal of Nagelsmann… y He will have a high start to measure his new team: Dortmund (1st), Freiburg (German Cup), Freiburg (4th)… and Manchester City in the first leg of the Champions League quarterfinals.

We have to win. Bayern’s DNA is clear: you have to win

Thomas Tuchel

“You have to win. Bayern’s DNA is clear: you have to win”, were Tuchel’s first words in his presentation. It was the way chosen by the one from Krumbach to counteract Salihamidzic’s dilapidary statements that preceded Nagelsmann’s dismissal: “This is not Bayern. So little drive, mentality… I have rarely seen that,” he declared. Recovering that ‘Bayern identity’ is precisely what urges Tuchel. And he doesn’t have much time to do it.

First mission: recover the best level of the stars

Tuchel’s first training session, open to the press for 15 minutes, left a curious image: Tuchel gently kicking Leroy Sané in the buttock. Afterwards, he spent a long time talking with the former Manchester City man. One of the footballers who, waiting in Bavaria, will recover his best version with the arrival of the new coach.

The managers hope that Tuchel will help the stars of the squad to improve their form

Sky Germany

“The directors hope that Tuchel will help the stars of the squad to improve their form. Sane is one of them. Tuchel has been fascinated with the player for years.”explains Florian Plettenberg, an expert on current events in the Bundesliga and Bayern, in ‘Sky’.

Tuchel: “I am clear about Bayern’s DNA, we have to win”

While, Tuchel himself already warns that he will not propose a tactical revolution (“This is not the right time to make big changes to the system,” he declared.) His ‘change’ will be more towards the mental, trying to recover a wardrobe that his predecessor had lost.

A galactic salary

To Bayern, on the other hand, the play of changing coaches in the middle of the season has not come cheap. On the one hand, dismissing Nagelsmann will cost him a lot: ‘Bild’ affirms that Bayern He will have to pay his former coach the salary that he had left to collect in the remaining contract years (around 27 million euros) to terminate your contract, unless an agreement is reached earlier.

Meanwhile, the same medium affirms that Tuchel will earn between 10 and 12 million euros per course throughout the contract he has signed for the next two and a half seasons (until June 30, 2025). An amount somewhat less than the 15 ‘klilos’ that he charged in London, at Chelsea.

The duration of the contract is secondary. If things work out surely we will all want to prolong it

Thomas Tuchel

“The duration of the contract is secondary. If things work out, surely we will all want to prolong it”, warned a Tuchel who, for now, does not look at the expiration date of the agreement signed a few days ago.

Tuchel, in the first training session with Bayern.

The Champions as objective nº1

Although at Bayern it is still a priority to revalidate the Bundesliga and not open the option of any team declaring itself in ‘default’, the temptation to add a new Champions League to their already crowded showcases is too tempting. The Bavarians, in fact, did not point by chance towards a Tuchel who already knows what it is to win said competition: he did it with Chelsea… when he also reached the middle of the course.

The road to the seventh European Cup, however, is complicated. The hardest possible, in fact. If they come from eliminating PSG in the round of 16 (the toughest tie), now they must ‘kill’ Manchester City de Guardiola and Haaland, another of the favorites to lift the title. In case of progress, Real Madrid or Chelsea will be the rival in the semifinals.


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