Roger Federer talks about ski days with his kids

It’s been six months since Roger Federer’s last game. Since then he has been a tennis pensioner – and is enjoying his new role to the fullest. In an interview with “RTL”, the Swiss talks about finally having more time for the family again.

The first few weeks after the resignation were special, according to the “Maestro”. «25 years of my life consisted only of tennis. Even though I’ve seen in recent years that it’s probably not going to be long.”

He is now rarely on the pitch, for example at his foundation’s benefit events. All the more time remains for the family. “There’s always a lot going on with my four children, we do a lot,” says the 41-year-old.

A few weeks ago, Federer posted a video of himself skiing. In an interview he explains: «I was so happy and at the same time so scared and my children loved it. You saw me skiing for the first time.”

His daughters are now 13 years old. “I always said that I had to give up skiing because of my career because it was too dangerous. And now we can finally drive, we had the best day!”

He’s still cautious because he doesn’t want to hurt himself. “But I have so much fun going down the mountains and talking to my kids on the lift.” A fine raclette or fondue is also part of it. “You just have to be careful with the weight.”

Federer lives with his family in Valbella GR. A villa is also being built on Lake Zurich. Although the ex-tennis player sometimes lives in Dubai, he has roots in this country.

Traveling has always been important to him, but he will stay in Switzerland, says the native of Basel. “I’ve never left my roots here, so it wasn’t a problem for me to return. We have a great house in the mountains and are also building here. Our children will grow up here.”



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