Rodgers in “stand bye” Grupo Milenio

With the news of the week in free agent transactions, the first news is to clarify that the announcement that had been made that Aaron Rodgers was already hired by the Jets turns out to be not entirely true, since the guy put the contract under review again; It seems that he is asking for a lot and probably in these days it will be resolved, however, to this day it still belongs to the Packers, who will have to handle the settlement of the contract with the quarterback and the Big Apple team.

For his part, another who can already be hired with any team, but still under the auspices of the Ravens, is QB Lamar Jackson. Baltimore has stated that they can already sell him, however, it is said that they could ask for two first picks for the QB, which already marks a fairly high negotiation guideline for him to leave.

An intriguing signing is Sam Darnold, who enters 49 on a one-year contract, joining young quarterbacks Trey Lance and rookie wonder late last season, Brock Purdy, but both are injured. , though Purdy could take over once he’s recovered in the early weeks of the regular season. Despite that, this is a golden opportunity for Darnold, who could start strong and show that he can be the starter on Kyle Shanahan’s team; that will be a good story to follow from the preseason.

One player who is still free and who always draws attention in the media is receiver Odell Beckham Jr, who is rumored to not accept a contract of less than $20 million a year. The thing is, it’s been two weeks and he still hasn’t signed, we can imagine him playing with the Jets and Aaron Rodgers or in his absence, why not? With the Kansas City Chiefs accompanying Patrick Mahomes on that super team.

And just as dozens of players are missing to be placed or rehired in their current teams, we are going to follow them from here to the Draft, which is where the coaches finish strengthening their franchises with a view to the new season.

And from there… to what follows.


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