Rodgers and Favre like two peas in a pod

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The coincidences are brutal, two indisputable Hall of Fame talents, but one way or the other, they gave the Packers two Super Bowl rings in 30 years.

Aaron Rodgers has ended up blending in with Brett Favre. The similarities are very numerous between two indisputable talents, from the Hall of Fame, but who by one or the other barely gave him to the Packers two Super Bowl rings in thirty years, and whose exits have been stormy.

Green Bay has had the great privilege of going from Favre a Rodgers, with which they accumulated three decades of stability. That is uncommon. It happened with Joe Montana and Steve Young, with Peyton Manning and Andrew Luck, but wandering in the desert can be cruel. Just ask Denver after John Elway, or Miami after Dan Marino, or Pittsburgh after Terry Bradshaw. That’s why two rings in three decades for the Packers they are few.

Green Bay he told Rodgers that his intention was to continue into the future with Jordan Love, surely tired of the feints of Rodgers for retiring or going to another team, common in every offseason… just like he did Favre during the last three years of your stay in Green Bay.

Aaron Rodgers could follow in Brett Favre’s footsteps, leaving the Green Bay Packers to play for the New York Jets.AP Photo

Rodgers has decided to take the option of playing in the Jets at 39 years old… just like he did Favre in 2008. Same destination, same age, same tense situation.

Rodgers he said annoyed because Packers He had not been clear enough to express his wishes for the future in a timely manner, when it was exactly what he has not been with the team for the last three years … just like he did Favre.

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Favre could not take the Jets to the playoffs in 2008. It was the season in which Matt Casell took the place of the injured Tom Brady in the Patriots; Chad Pennington won the AL East for Miami, and the Jets They were left out in the only campaign they had Favre.

Once they agree to compensation, Rodgers will reach about Jets They are not the best team in the division. Buffalo with Josh Allen, and Miami if Tua stays healthy, they have a hand. Those will be his first playoff hurdles; If he wants to reach the Super Bowl, he will have Patrick Mahomes’ Chiefs, Joe Burrow’s Bengals, Justin Herbert’s Chargers and Trevor Lawrence’s Jaguars on the map. Let’s see if he doesn’t stay pining for the playoffs in his first year with the Jets…also the same as happened to Favre. The coincidences are brutal.



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