Relegation battle: Towers against Frankfurt demanded

Hamburg (dpa / lno) – The Veolia Towers Hamburg want to take the momentum from reaching the playoff round of 16 Eurocup in the fight against relegation from the basketball league. On Saturday (8.30 p.m.) the Hanseatic League (14th) will welcome the Frankfurt Skyliners, who are second to last in the table with ten games to go in the main round with two wins less. With a success, the Hamburgers can get some air on the pursuers. In addition, coach Benka Barloschky’s team has the chance to make amends for the 93-97 defeat in the first leg a good two months ago.

In that duel, the Towers lost a 17-point lead and conceded 57 points in the second round. But Barloschky emphasized that this game was no longer dealt with and also referred to the change of coach at Hessen a few days ago: “Things will look different there than in the first leg. A lot of things can happen now that we can’t predict.”

There are also changes again at the Towers, as Jordan Davis and Ryan Taylor, who were not eligible to play in the Eurocup game against Trento last Tuesday, are back in the squad. But Barloschky doesn’t see that as a problem. “I look forward to it. There are two players who bring an incredible amount of quality, are extremely motivated and want to show that they also belong.” Of course, the changes are a challenge, the coach admitted, but limited: “Apart from the 40 minutes that they don’t play in the Eurocup, they’re always there. We don’t have to do much to integrate them. That’s them.”

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