Real Madrid mercilessly pokes the referees

Real Madrid says enough. In the informative of this Monday of RealmadridTVofficial channel of the white club, the club has launched harsh criticism contra De Burgos Bengoetxea y soto degreereferees and VAR managers in the classic last night, and against Clos Gómez, responsible for video arbitration in LaLiga. “Clos Gómez’s VAR sentencing to Real Madrid“, began the space. “It is a perverse element”, is added at another time, before remembering the penalty not whistled at Kessie against Valencia or the disallowed goal Munian in San Mames…

The three referees have been the object of heated protests from the white channel, which has dedicated a large part of its news this afternoon to analyzing the performances of the three judges both in yesterday’s game and in recent games and seasons. “Spanish arbitration gives and removes titles“added the Madrid channel.

The annulled goal and the frame of contention

As is logical, the goal annulled to Marco Asensio for allegedly being offside in the 81st minute, which could have given Madrid the win and reduced their deficit to minus six points, drew most of the criticism. It is called “derisory” the lines marked to prove the illegal position of the Spaniard, as well as the frame chosen to try to illustrate it. In fact, another one is offered in which, with the ball still at the feet of carvajal, it is appreciated that the Real Madrid attacker is authorized. “Sloppy”, comes to say the white channel.

The previous performances of Burgos against Madrid did not go unnoticed by Realmadrid TV either, which was recreated in the images of the first leg of the Super Cup 2017, in EL that the Basque referee signaled a penalty after a clear swimming pool from Luis Suarez ante Keylor Navas and then expelled Cristiano for protesting after a possible penalty against Umiti. It is also remembered that De Burgos was the VAR referee in a later League classic at the Camp Nou in which they stopped pointing out two possible penalties on Varane by Rakitic y Lenglet. “We already knew from the previous one that with De Burgos we would have to fight against twelve

Gavi’s shares

There were more proper names in the RealmadridTV program, such as Gavifrom which the attacks on carvajal y ceballos which, in the opinion of the Madrid channel, were deserving of separate expulsions. Not forgetting the entry Sergi Roberto a Nacho in the first minutes of the match, which Burgos He did not even punish with a yellow card. The Catalan did see the card at the start of the second act, after scoring the Catalan equalizing goal on the brink of halftime.

The controversy rises in temperature in a context inevitably contaminated by the ‘Negreira case‘, after the complaint of the prosecution of payments from Barça worth 7.3 million euros to the former vice president of the Technical Committee of Referees (CTA) during almost the first two decades of the 21st century. A matter in which Madrid, after maintaining an initial position of prudence, decided to enter fully last Sunday, when in an urgent meeting they decided to appear in the judicial process. “There are so many errors that it is already difficult to believe something“, RealmadridTV added as a corollary. “It’s nothing new, it’s a pattern, it’s a modus operandi“, says the channel, recalling that Madrid is the team that has had the most goals disallowed since the introduction of VAR in LaLiga. “These are my lines, and if you don’t like them, I have others“.



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