Raphaël Varane will not know a fourth club in his professional career

If some supporters of a club other than Manchester United, RC Lens or Real Madrid dreamed of one day seeing Raphaël Varane in their favorite team, they will be disappointed to learn that the former defender of the Blues does not intend to wear a new shirt by the end of his career.

“I will finish my career either in Madrid, or in Manchester, or in Lens. It is sure that I will not make another club. But Madrid, it seems complicated to me, we don’t usually come back to it. The most likely today is that I end up in Manchester or Lens, “ entrusted the former defender of the Blues to GQ.

The 29-year-old defender also returned to his international retirement which seems to relieve him: “This truce is timely because it is a terrible season physically and mentally. We haven’t stopped since the beginning of July and we’re really pulling the rope. Psychologically this break does a lot of good and will allow me to regenerate a little. »

“I fear that we are witnessing shorter careers”

Varane also expressed concern over the increasingly busy schedule: “I’m afraid that we are witnessing much shorter careers and that players have to give up the France team very early because physically or mentally what we are asking for today is simply above limits. »

When he retired from international football, he said he was doing it because “the player was eating the man”.


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