Ramos meets with PSG while millions of Arabia fall on him

Saudi Arabia awaits Sergio Ramos and it does so with open arms and full of millions. MARCA has been promptly reporting the calls received, the contacts maintained and the money that he could receive if he accepts that of becoming the second highest paid in the League of the Arab country after Cristiano Ronaldo. There is talk of 30 million euros per season, which would multiply by four what he earns at PSG.

The defense has not made any decision. His first objective is to continue in the elite and for this he wanted to listen to PSG first, circumstance that has occurred in the last hours with the presence of Rene Ramos in Paris. The Parisian club has a complicated panorama ahead of it due to the need to lower the salary mass and for this reason they have transferred an offer of one more year lowering the money it receives, which according to what was published L’Equipe is 791,600 euros per month.

He will not be the only player to suffer that salary cut. Messi is in the same situation. PSG is clear that its number one objective and its future goes through Kylian Mbappe and they have no choice but to adjust the salary of the rest of the players so as not to have problems with UEFA’s financial Fair Play.

Ramos doubt, but the temptation in the form of money that arrives from Riyadh, can tip the balance towards the Arab world. The Saudi government has decided to open its hand and help the teams with money based on their history, fans, audience, results… factors that will decide the amount of aid that all teams will receive.

Hilal is the team behind this offer, one of the ones that will benefit the most from the distribution of government money because it stands out in all conditions: titles, history, fans… in theory The sanction imposed by FIFA without signing ends on June 30 and you can go to the marketsomething he vehemently looks forward to doing after the arrival of Cristiano Ronaldo.

What seems to come to nothing is Leo Messi’s possible trip to the Arab League, at least for now. There is a certain resignation to having to wait to be able to witness a duel between the Portuguese and the Argentine again. At least that’s how it seems at the moment. The one who can be soon in Arabia is a Sergio Ramos who, along with his brother René, is still looking for options to continue at PSG.


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