PSG wants to change everything, a big name soon available?

As part of the international break, Tottenham could thank Antonio Conte who totally let go at a press conference. Good news therefore for PSG who would have an additional option for the succession of Christophe Galtier.

Antonio Conte might not be the coach of Tottenham. And not because of his contractual situation with the Spurshis lease expiring in June, but rather because of his strongly accusatory speech held at a press conference last Saturday after the draw conceded by his team against Southampton (3-3).

Antonio Conte dropped everything after Spurs’ last stoppage

During his press briefing, Conte flipped out by attacking its leaders and especially its players. “The problem is that we have shown that we are not a team. We are 11 players. I see selfish players. I see players who don’t want to help each other, who don’t play with heart. The players didn’t show enough spirit, they don’t play for the badge or for the fans, it’s the same every season, whoever the manager is. For what ? Because they are used to it here. They are not playing for anything important. They don’t want to play under pressure, they don’t want to play under stress. It’s easy like that. The story of Tottenham has been that for 20 years. There is an owner, but they have never won anything”.

Conte soon fired, a boulevard for PSG?

According to information provided by The Times, the direction of Tottenham would not have appreciated the words of the Italian who would have told his superiors that his speech was intended for his locker room and no one else. However, The Times confides that a dismissal of Conte during the international break at the end of March is a possibility. At the same time, already reported a layoff on March 10 and told you that the profile ofAntonio Conte ticked several important boxes in the searches of the PSG. The tone is set.


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