Proud of my 37 – A young man from Touraine who performs in Jujitsu at the Club de Bléré Val de Cher

We put on the Kimono and head for the tatami mats to meet a sport and a young Touraine who shines..

The young Théo Grelet, 16 years old, shines at national and European level by practicing Jujitsu Fighting, sport heir to the martial art of Japanese Jujitsu, explained to us by Teddy Chapin, president of the Club de Bléré Val de Cher Judo. (Excerpt 11s)


I will try to explain to you in 2 words what it is for Jujitsu Fighting, it is therefore the sport version of this martial art, which is practiced in the form of a 3min fight with, for the fighter, the objective to score points in 3 categories on the same fight: punches, projections using combat holds, then immobilizations on the ground. I let you imagine the physical qualities it takes and the lucidity during the fight to define and adapt your strategy in order to score in the 3 categories while defending yourself.

Have we been practicing Jujistu for a long time at the Bléré Val de Cher club?

This Judo club was born in the post-war period, around the beginning of the 1950s. It was the champion Frank Butet who, following specialized training abroad, decided to bring Jujitsu back to his club. Bléré towards the end of the 90s, just before becoming famous by representing France in the 2000s as double European team champion in this discipline.

Initially accessible only to adults, the club opens the practice of Jujitsu to young people from 2017, the year when the young judoka Théo Grelet decides to join the section. Immediately spotted for his potential, in particular his strong point the feet-fists, he still continues to practice without specific training, except since 2022 when he joined adult training. He therefore also followed the traditional course to qualify for the French Championship, flying over the 2 qualifying tournaments of Angers and Orléans, winning all his fights by Full-Ipon, therefore scoring in the 3 categories. Théo then participated in and won his 1st French Championship this year, before going to defend the French colors in his 1st European Championship, where he finished very honorably in 3rd place with a Bronze medal at 16…. I leave the final word to its president Teddy Chapin. (Excerpt 9s)


To go to the Bléré Val de Cher Judo Club website click on this link

You can practice Jujitsu from 9 years old and since this year you can practice the Brazilian version of Jujitsu (JJB)
Upcoming dates to remember:
– April 16, 2023: Club flea market
– May 27, 2023: International Interclub Tournaments in Bléré
– 1st weekend of June 2023: Bléré Tournaments (plus access to Judo)



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