Professional baseball opens on the 30th Nippon Ham-Rakuten 1 game: Tokyo Shimbun TOKYO Web

Nippon Ham’s new baseball stadium “Escon Field Hokkaido” = 1st, Kitahiroshima City, Hokkaido

Professional baseball will open on the 30th with a Nippon-Ham-Rakuten game at the new stadium Escon Field Hokkaido. Takashi Kato will be the opening pitcher for Nippon-Ham, led by Shinjo, who is in his second year, and Masa Tanaka will be the opening pitcher for Rakuten.

The other 4 teams in the Pacific League and 6 teams in the Central League will have their first match on the 31st, and will play 143 games, including 18 interleague matches. From this season, measures against the new coronavirus infection have been eased at once. The ban on vocal cheering is lifted, and the enthusiasm returns to the stadium. The play of the World Baseball Classic Japan National Team, who won the championship for the third time in three tournaments, is also worthy of attention.


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