Pro League talks to KBVB about VAR: “Why not a trial project like in hockey?” | Jupiler Pro League

The Pro League feels very involved: “We are there for the fans, the clubs and the players and they have a lot of questions about how VAR decisions – especially recently – have been made.”

“We think it is important that the questions from our clubs are at least answered by the KBVB. That is why I have had repeated contact with Peter Bossaert (CEO of KBVB, ed) in recent days.”

Parys cites 3 points. “Those answers are one. Secondly, we propose that in the future the fans, players and clubs know why a VAR check is being requested. Today it is often not clear why there is an intervention.”

“We want to get rid of that. We think the game benefits from clarity for everyone.”

“Thirdly, we want more insight into the communication between the referee and the VAR, in a sensible way.”

Parys knows that in hockey that communication is just given and part of the game. He is thinking of a pilot project: “You can submit this to the international organization that draws up the rules of the football game. This makes it possible to experiment with it.”

“We would like to see that happen. We think that will lead to more understanding for the sometimes difficult decisions that the referees and the VAR make.”

“We advocate that fans can follow what is in the balance when an important, often game-changing decision is made.”

AA Gent and Zulte Waregem, the two injured clubs, have posted strong statements today. Parys: “I understand the emotion and every bird sings as it is beaked. But what is important to us is that the clubs get answers to their questions, that the fans get clear communication and we know in the future why there is -VAR-checks.”

Parys realizes that mistakes are part of people. “But the least you can do is explain how they can happen and how you try to avoid them. Players, clubs and fans are entitled to that.”



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