Premier League plans partnership to strengthen English football

The Premier League, England’s first division league, is designing a kind of financial union with the English Football League, which represents clubs in the second to fourth divisions. The goal is to strengthen local football and create a certain balance between the clubs competing in each division.

PL CEO Richard Masters and EFL chairman want the deal to take effect from next season, and the intention is to pool the elite’s broadcast “net revenues” with those of its partner league, the EFL. Masters explained.

“The Premier League has grown exponentially over the last 15 years, the EFL less so,” said the manager last Tuesday.

Rick Parry understands that the EFL could receive 25% of the total joint revenue, while Masters did not take a position on the possible split format. In addition, clubs that fall from the elite to the second division, for example, would have less financial advantage than is currently the case.

– Essentially, you put our media revenue, the EFL’s media revenue in a jar, you take the costs and you divide them into a predetermined formula, which means that going forward, our growth is the EFL’s growth and vice versa. versa, then our success is shared, aligns the two organizations in a different way and ensures that gaps do not accumulate in the future – completed Masters.

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