Positive aspects of EM 2022 must not fizzle out

Will Alexandra Popp and VfL Wolfsburg become champions again?
Image: AFP

Something has to change in women’s football, otherwise the positive spectator effects triggered by the European Championship are in danger of fizzled out. Therefore, courage is required, even to take risks.

Da someone used the evening celebration to pour water into the wine – and still deserved applause for it. Everyone who has a say in women’s football and shapes its appearance came to say thank you to Siegfried Dietrich on the transition to retirement. As a pioneer, the Frankfurter believed earlier than others in the potential that women’s football had, promoted the 1. FFC in the city on the Main to the best of his ability and later farsightedly promoted the merger with Eintracht.

Axel Hellmann was also one of the laudators. The spokesman for the board of Eintracht, who is currently leading the German football league as a part-time job, is one of the pacesetters who want women’s football, which until recently was perceived as a shadowy plant, to shine in fresh bloom – and therefore should not copy all the undesirable developments among them the branch of the lords of creation has to suffer. Hellmann found that many things in the ladies’ business cannot remain the way they are if things are to improve over the long term. He is right.


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