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A new chapter is written in the turbulent and romantic history of Gerard Piqué and his girlfriend Clara Chía Martí. Now, with very intimate details of the plans that the couple would have in the future. (You may be interested: Piqué and Clara Chía get out of control: obscene gesture aggravates the controversy with Shakira)

While the ex-soccer player endures ridicule for the musical successes of his ex-partner, the Colombian Shakira, new press releases indicate that his conversation with Clara became very serious.

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The new information from Spain reveals details of a conversation between the couple that has already sparked great media impact.

Apparently, the wedding plans are serious. the journalist Monica Vergara revealed, in the Spanish program ‘Fiesta’ of ‘Telecinco’, this Saturday, that while the couple dined in a restaurant in Barcelona, ​​the subject was touched on between bites.

What they revealed in the program is that the young woman made a special request to Piqué to prevent the details of the eventual wedding from going beyond the family, that is, prevent details from reaching Shakira’s ears?

“They talked, above all, about how Clara would like her wedding to be. At no time does she want it to be a grand wedding, she wants it to be something very intimate, private and familiar, and she does not want this to go any further. beyond news,” says the journalist’s version.

During the talk, which, according to what he says, lasted about two hours while they dined, only “love was distilled”, as detailed in the program.

In the same space, they ensure that the couple is seen in a loving idyll. “They are very much in love,” says the informant. “He asks for a coffee, she takes it, takes the sugar, puts it in the coffee, turns it around and hands it to him.”

What is clear is that the couple hides their relationship less and less. Last weekend they had a day of skiing in La Masella. “I skied today, 25 years after my last skiing… I’ve felt things from when I was a child. I don’t want to say the place, I want to go back and people are annoying, they ask for such a photo and you fall. There are moments and moments. It has been very good”, Piqué said on Twitch.


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