Péronnes: “Other dummy targets” to replace the fake boar at the Adeps archery course?

From May 8 to 12, during the spring break, a nature trail, complete with target shooting on 3D animals, is offered at the Adeps center in Péronnes. His other target? Teenagers since it is a course dedicated to young people.

A few days ago, the municipal councilor Carine Bocquet protested against this “bad taste” proposal.

Adeps’ communication nevertheless sparked the beginnings of controversy. To the point of making its way to the plenary session, in the parliament of the Wallonia-Brussels federation. “Adeps offers teenagers the opportunity to shoot at 3D animal targets. It is a hairpiece, but particularly realistic since it is life-size“, indicates Fatima Ahallouch. “The question arises of the educational benefits expected from such an activity for teenagers, especially from a public body. Are there alternatives? A pedagogical added value?“ asks the MP.

Asked to answer the questions of Fatima Ahallouch, Valérie Glatiny specifies that this internship “has been organized for twenty years“and that animal welfare-themed sensitivities”have evolved.” The Minister of Youth and Sports specifies that “instructions” have been transmitted to the administration in order to develop the practice of shooting and to “orient towards other dummy targets that do not represent animals.

The Minister is not fooled and also specifies that the controversy “intervenes in a context of tension “between the municipal councilor and the head of the Adeps center in Péronnes, against a backdrop of political conflict and latent disagreement between the two elected officials.”Let us now hope that this clarification can allow some appeasement on this subject.“, ends Valérie Glatigny.

We will be vigilant as to the follow-up given to these archery courses. Because the question of offering these activities to adolescents arises, more than ever“, concludes Fatima Ahallouch.

Basically, don’t shoot the ambulance. But not on the boar either…



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