Pepe Mel, the Málaga of horrors and his mark on the UD de Pimienta of records: from Valles to Moleiro

Boquerón aircraft carrier in the mud of improvisation. Checkbook, fear, judicial intervention, doubts and the apocalypse of a descent. The complete pack. Málaga CF, who was in the pools to go up in the summer, is ten points away from safety.

Sergio Pellicer is the third technician in this volcanic campaign that took away the novelist José Mel Pérez. The Madrid strategist, 128 duels directed at UD Las Palmas in four seasons -landed in March 2019 under the delusion of waste with Toni Otero and was dismissed by Helguera in January 2022-, signed three wins, nine draws and six losses in the blue and white league date. He was struck down on January 25, almost a year after he left the Gran Canaria club (January 22). His dismissal activated the Pimienta cycle and the UD is leading.

Mel, at La Rosaleda, in a duel this season. THE PROVINCE / DLP

Without Mel, Málaga has 16.6% of the points -four of the last 24 in dispute-. Pellicer can’t find the magic formula to escape the abyss. 0.67 average points per day. Under this scenario, the Malacitanos challenge on Saturday (8:00 p.m., #Vamos) to the Pimienta steamroller, undefeated since December 11 and who has gone 580 minutes without conceding a goal. Valles’ unbeaten streak is a record in the entity.

On the Málaga squad, figures from the ranks of Moña Rubén Castro (the national all-time top scorer with 285 goals), N’Diaye, Fran Sol, Pablo Chavarría, Lago Junior, Escassi, Álex Gallar, Fran Villalba and Appiah. Under Mel’s mandate, the boquerón team achieved three victories, nine draws and six defeats in 18 rounds -18.51% of the total-. The intersection of dynamics is overwhelming. The yellows have 32 more points in the bag (57 for 25).

Mel signs an autograph for a fan in Barranco Seco. THE PROVINCE / DLP

UD has 19 units in 2023 with five wins and four draws. For its part, the anchovy drama is endless, with six points after a victory, three draws and five setbacks this calendar year. The only foreign joy in LaLiga for the boquerones goes back to Anduva against Mirandés (1-3), on August 27.

Review that it was the only victory with Pablo Guede. The Argentine strategist lasted six rounds, until September 19. On the 21st of that month, Pepe Mel arrived, but the bad anchovy goes beyond sheet music. Goodbye to the sports director Manolo Gaspar, with the closing of the winter market, and hello to the general director Kike Pérez. The judicial administrator José María Muñoz assumes the debacle: “The relegation scenario is more than contemplated.” Lack of liquidity, excess tension. Twelve days to go and the need to add 25 points for the 50 -a figure that guarantees salvation-.

The military service in Barranco Seco

From chaos to a rigorous theme park. If Málaga is on fire, at UD, with the consecration of Álex Suárez (29 years old), Eric Curbelo (29), Fabio González (26), Álvaro Valles (25), Sergi Cardona (23), Saúl Coco (24 ) or Moleiro (19) everything flows. This seven-player relationship forms the backbone of the golden cycle. And they all passed through Mel’s hands -five debuted-. In the current success, the novelist’s mark plays a fundamental role. His method was worth to train and tan a group that now dazzles in first place.

Luis Helguera, in the LaLiga Architects podcast, recognized the melo heritage. «Mel was very important; he understood and adapted to the UD philosophy. He brought out players from the youth academy, from Segunda B and contributed his wisdom. You have to value it. We don’t just grow by winning. He also made us grow », valued the manager. The novelist discovered Pedri, a millionaire source of income (22 kilos) and the greatest talent of the century. In the ashes of Malaga, the yellow legacy of the novelist appears. Mel was the origin of everything.


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