Pallacanestro Trieste must soon find an identity. A rebus Terry, overwork for Hudson

TRIESTE It could have been an occasion to celebrate half-life, but instead it has become a new source of stress. Pallacanestro Trieste, losing at home against Reggio Emilia, called into question any roadmap towards salvation but also some of its own certainties. If the other evening at the Allianz Dome a test of anger and pride was to take place after the embarrassing collapse in Brescia, it didn’t happen. None of this. No anger. No agonistic fury. But above all, no identity. At the first moment of difficulty Trieste only opposed the irrepressible vein of Bartley, providentially recovered.

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Pallacanestro Trieste makes life complicated, forgets that it is a team and gives in to the Reggio players at home

Roberto Degrassi

The defensive identity does not lie in conceding open shots or on a couple of occasions throwing the gates wide for incoming opponents. The balance of the team doesn’t lie in seeing the two starting big men take a total of eight shots from the field, of which two from 6.75. Emanuel Terry, (onerous) repair graft after Pacher’s cut, is not making a difference in any way. A debut with fireworks against Milan and then a constantly decreasing performance up to minus 1 evaluation against Reggio Emilia. The impression is that he is unable to give what he could actually give nor what he would like to give. Basically, you don’t notice the defensive upgrade thanks to the speed of your legs and athleticism and you don’t even see the first signs of adapting to a strong forward. Neither long that intimidates nor long that scores.

A problem that needs to be solved quickly. The adaptation to “4” is an experiment in progress but are there the time and conditions to wait for the result of the transformation? With sound practicality, given that the only big man who makes it three is Lever, Terry is better to exploit him for the means that he certainly has, managing the cohabitation in the area with Spencer. The priority is to quickly conquer those points that allow you to catch your breath without postponing verdicts in the sprint or the match against Verona. And in cases like these, pragmatism pays off.

The same pragmatism that will serve with Jalen Hudson. After the match Legovich, commenting on the newcomer’s eight minutes, underlined that «he has to take a step forward towards the team» alluding to the need for a performance with greater energy and application. Hudson, who in the usual presentation videos said he was sure of bringing «energy and leadership», will have the first opportunity to prove it to Scafati. Trieste needs an attacking alternative to Bartley, capable of taking heavy shots. The eight minutes seen against Reggio Emilia said little: five days of training, a completely new championship, referee yardstick to be tested, unknown opponents. Two rebounds and a block show that Hudson has athletic reactivity, the two turnovers and a fairly bland defense on the 3 suggest a call to stay on track.

Again, there is no time to experiment. This week will serve to frame Hudson in the red and white games and the staff will be able to evaluate how to exploit it. A week that will also be good to use to practice for a long time from the line. Against Unahotels Trieste he finished with 67%. In point-to-point endings, it’s the details that make the difference. Even a free throw can take its toll at the end. —




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