Pacome Bricout: “To reach this level is wow! »

At 18, the swimmer who trains in Martigues with Philippe Lucas won the 400m freestyle. A sensational and early victory for the young talent.

Pacome Bricout, the revelation of this Giant Open. In Saint-Germain-en-Laye, the young 18-year-old swimmer went for the gold medal in the 400m freestyle. At the finish, he beat Joris Bouchaut and Logan Fontaine by a breath, thanks to a time of 3’50″17. A “dream” for him, which confirms its hatching. From now on, the demi-fondeur is aiming for the big deadlines in his junior category. With the Worlds and the Olympics in the back of your mind…

The post Pacome Bricout: “To reach this level is wow! » first appeared on SPORTMAG.

The Pacome Bricout article: “Reaching this level is wow! appeared first on SPORTMAG.


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