Arturo Sanhueza, former captain of Colo Colo, committed a harsh offense against urban music singer Pailita during Esteban Paredes’ farewell party

True to his style. Former midfielder Arturo Sanhueza, who announced his retirement from soccer last February, left one of those postcards during the preliminary match at Esteban Efraín Paredes’ farewell to soccer.

During the friendly between Team Paredes and Amigos de Paredes, the first ‘King Arthur’ of national football kicked Pailita, a fashionable Chilean singer in urban music and renowned white fan.

The Ultra Solo interpreter was going with a dominated ball in the direction of the area and there Sanhueza appeared, who brought it down with a huge kick. The ex midfielder immediately received the yellow card for a ‘cheat’ that is already viral.

Then, the former captain of the “Cacique” tried to stand him up by pulling his shirt and pulled his headband.

Soon after, Pailita missed a goal in incredible fashion. The singer received a pass from the right hand of the day’s celebrant and raised by himself near the small area. He only managed to cover his face with his shirt.

Sanhueza’s kick to Pailita

The incredible opportunity wasted by the urban singer