Not Done, Antony Still Questions After MU Slaughtered by Liverpool


Manchester United’s crushing defeat to Liverpool still leaves a hot discussion. One of them highlighted Antony, who was accused of ignoring instructions.

Manchester United were beaten by Liverpool 0-7 at Anfield last weekend in the Premier League. After trailing 0-1 in the first half, the ‘Red Devils’ scored another six goals in the second half.

This is MU’s biggest defeat to Liverpool. Apart from this, this result is also the worst they have swallowed in a competitive party since December 1931.

One of the most highlighted names in his performance at Anfield is Antony. The Brazilian winger was considered out of position throughout the match.

One of the moments that is considered to prove that is Liverpool’s first goal. Antony didn’t back down to help block Andy Robertson’s movement, who then made an assist for Cody Gakpo.

“On the other side of the pitch you have to be level with the ball and keep level, that’s his fault. Must be at least level with the ball on the opposite side, especially against these two full-backs. The reaction should be to be level with the ball,” said the former national team manager England Glenn Hoddle quoted Metro.

“If the manager asks him to stay right, well, then it’s not working out for them. But if the manager says ‘No, you have to step down’, which he explains after the game that they are not working hard enough, then he may be asked to step down. He is in out of position the whole game.”

Hoddle saw that Bruno Fernandes, who was highlighted for his attitude and gestures, had carried out his instructions well enough to hold off Trent Alexander-Arnold. In the end, the gap appeared to be on Antony’s side, which was interesting, but Erik ten Hag also didn’t pull it out.

“I think Liverpool look at their team because they could have done it from the right, but there’s Fernandes. This kid, Antony, let’s see if he steps down,” he continued.

“If Fernandes was on Liverpool’s left, maybe they will do it on the other side, as flexible as they are. Trent Alexander-Arnold plays deeper than usual.”

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