Nintendo Switch Sports, here are all the in-game prizes available from today (week of 09/03)!

They are Nintendo Switch Sports there is access to awide customization options for our sportsmate: unlike the previous one Wii Sportswhere they were simply i Mii to portray ourselves, in the latest Sports title we have a greater possibility of making our character unique thanks to different haircuts, accessories e outfit.

As you play, you’ll unlock tons of gear to wear! To do this it will be necessary to accumulate points by competing in the various disciplines and then use them to redo our look. New sets will be available every week from which you can redeem a reward, so we often check which ones are currently available: every Thursday they will change!

But let’s see more in detail what sets of prizes are available this week on Nintendo Switch Sports!

This week, come on Nintendo Switch Sportsa new collection is available: the Pro badminton collection! Once you get each piece of this collection, then spending a total of 1200 points on it, we will also be able to redeem the completion bonusi.e. the Set badminton pro. What are you waiting for to collect it?

Here are the collections currently available to customize ours sportsmate:

  • Pro badminton collection: expiring 30/03;

  • Viola street collection: expiring 23/03;

  • MK-II robot collection: expiring 03/16;

We remind you that to get a prize it will be necessary to have 100 points to spend on a set, and that upon completion of each set will be possible redeem a completion bonuswhich will give us access to a outfit speciale which will coordinate with the collection date.

The selection it updates every weekso we play regularly to not miss the latest news!

Redeeming points for rewards is super simple! Every time that we will play online in a match random we will be able to accumulate points: reached the quota of 100 we will be able to spend them on one of the collections available that week on Nintendo Switch Sports. Chose a set the prize will be random from the available selection.

Each collection features outfits, accessories, and other items for our personalization sportsmate! Each week the item selection will changefor up to three active sets at once, so check often for available rewards so you don’t miss out on any!

Even without a Nintendo Switch Online membership it will be possible to redeem pointsbut instead of playing a game against another player, we’re going to play it against a bot. Everything is fine match it will earn us approx 30/40 points with several multipliers which will change depending on the sport and the objectives available for it.


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