Niemann sparks his reunion with the PGA at the Augusta Master


The national golfer spoke of the existing division in world golf today. Everything, in the run-up to the first Major of the year, where the exponents of the LIV will be able to participate after a decision of the tournament itself.

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Despite the fact that several months have gone by where several of the main exponents of the PGA Tour moved to LIV Golf, the circuit created by Saudi Arabia and which caused a true earthquake in the sport, including a lifetime ban on players who decided to leave the more traditional circuit for Arab petrodollars.

A decision they made Joaquin Niemann y Pear Myth, who are one of the visible faces of the new circuit. Both are already resigned to the fact that their stage in the PGA is a thing of the past and they look to the future with LIVdespite the fact that next week they may have a slight memory of that past.

Joaquin Niemann

And the first one is coming Mayor of the year, in Augusta, and both nationals may participate. This, because the tournament itself decided to maintain its entry requirements for the event. Requirements that several of the LIFE Golf comply, including our representatives, so PGA you can’t do anything about it.

Something that is not clear to the rest of the elderly, since it will depend on each of the organizations to define their admissions.

For now, Joaquin Niemann He is already savoring what that event will be like, where he will be reunited with several old acquaintances, although according to him it will not be well received at all.

“Obviously it will be an individual tournament, not by teams. But we are going to feel it that way, with the different players playing at the same time for their tour,” Joaking explained to the specialized media. GOLF. “I think it will be more fun knowing that they hate us,” she added.

“The most difficult part was seeing how some players and tournament workers treated us before and after,” added the Chilean in relation to the process of change that he experienced since last year.

“I think right now there is a great rivalry between the Tour y LIV. I think there are a lot of players that, I don’t know if they don’t like us or they don’t like the decisions we make, but it’s going to be fun,” he noted.


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