NFL warns against negotiating with anyone on behalf of Lamar Jackson

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The league reminded its teams that the quarterback is not represented by a certified agent with the NFLPA, so no one can contact the clubs on his behalf.

OWINGS MILLS — La NFL sent a memo to all clubs this Thursday notifying them that a person who is not certified by the NFLPA may be trying to persuade league executives to get involved in contract negotiations with the Los Angeles quarterback Baltimore Ravens, Lamar Jacksonwho received the non-exclusive franchise player designation.

Under league rules, teams can speak only with Jackson because he has no agent.

According to communication obtained by Adam Schefter from ESPNthe NFLPA informed the league that And Franciswho is not a certified agent with the players’ union, may be attempting to communicate with teams regarding Jackson.

The memo reminded teams that a qualifying offer can be negotiated only with the player, if acting on his own behalf, or with a certified agent, which Lamar Jackson does not have.Getty Images

The memo, which was distributed to all 32 teams, states: “As a non-certified person, the Sr. Francis You are prohibited from negotiating qualifying offers or player contracts, or discussing potential trades on behalf of any player in the NFL or prospect, or assist or advise with respect to such negotiations”.

Francis told Jeremy Fowler of ESPN that you have not contacted teams on behalf of Jackson.

“I don’t speak for Lamar“, declared Francis.

Jackson also denied that Francis he has been contacting teams on his behalf, writing on social media: “Stop lying, that man never tried to negotiate for me.”

Francis said he is a business partner with Jackson regarding portable gym equipment, and that’s as far as their relationship goes. He stressed that Jackson he deals with his own football issues, even though he has people in his inner circle who he can listen to.

The memo reminded teams that a qualifying offer can be negotiated only with the player, if acting on his own behalf, or with a certified agent.

“To be clear, the Sr. Jackson is not currently represented by a certified agent of the NFLPA“, the memorandum reads. “Violations of this rule may result in the disapproval of a qualifying offer or a player contract signed by the Sr. Jackson and a new club”.

The NFL can fine teams up to $47,000 if a club negotiates a contract with an agent or representative not verified by the NFLPA.

This is the second time in seven months that the league has had to address this issue. In August, the NFL Management Council sent a memo to the 32 teams regarding speaking with an agent not certified by the NFLPA that he had been contacting the clubs on behalf of the linebacker Roquan Smith when I was with the Chicago Bears. Smith was transferred to the Ravens last season and negotiated a five-year extension with Baltimore in january.

On March 7, the Ravens used the non-exclusive franchise player tag on Jackson after the parties failed to close an agreement after 25 months of negotiations.

Under the non-exclusive franchise player designation, Jackson You can trade with other teams. If you sign a qualifying offer, Baltimore he’ll have five days to match it, or receive two first-round picks as compensation.

If there is no qualifying offer, Jackson would collect 32.416 million dollars under the label.


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