NFL star says goodbye to Rams with particular message after trade to Dolphins


In the middle of his farewell message, the Los Angeles Rams figure left the door open to possible displeasure during his stay in the organization.

© Steph Chambers | Getty ImagesJalen Ramsey

Everything has an end in life. The career or experience of players in the National Football League (NFL) don’t run away from it Jalen Ramsey being a perfect example of the end that the cycles or stages may have.

The cornerback culminated his time in the Californian organization after being traded to Miami Dolphinswhere he is preparing to face a new stage in his career, at 28 years of age and with a lot of talent ahead of him.

Given this, he used his official Twitter account to publish a Final message for Los Angeles Rams fansand even left the door open to possible discontent in said publication.

Trouble at Rams?

Ramsey to Dolphins for a third-round pick in the 2023 NFL draft along with tight end Hunter Longthey sealed the fate of Jalen, who will now play for Miami, but before he said goodbye to his people on social networks.

“Before I continue, I want to say that I love you. Thanks to the LA Rams and the fans of the team.” Ramsey stated. All good so far, until the next sentence left many thinking about possible problems.

“The truth is that I have much more to say, but maybe another time”sentenced the 28-year-old cornerback, generating multiple opinions about it, before finishing his words. “However, I need everyone to know those two things”, concluded.

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