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Today’s NFL News Thursday: Dak Prescott breaks down his interceptions; Baker Mayfield was able to make it to Baltimore; Kyle Shanahan praises Jimmy G; and more. Don’t miss the news from the NFL Today.

Dak Prescott has spent time analyzing his interceptions

Despite missing five games last season, Cowboys QB Dak Prescott led the league by throwing 15 interceptions in just 12 games, adding another pair in two playoff games. Being at the top of the NFL in this category is certainly a handbrake for Dallas, which is why this offseason Prescott and HC Mike McCarthy have sat down to analyze every interception that the 29-year-old quarterback veteran age launched in 2022.

“We definitely had a good time,” McCarthy said, via Nick Eatman of the team’s website. “He was in captains practice [a inicios de mes]. He came and spent about four hours with [el entrenador de quarterbacks] Scott [Tolzien] me too. We analyze your decision making, interceptions and potential interceptions. We just talked about it,” McCarthy said, reiterating that Dallas’ offense will be different without OC Kellen Moore (replaced by Brian Schottenheimer) and now-former quarterbacks coach Doug Nussmeier, replaced by Tolzien.

“Doug did a great job with the quarterbacks, but, you know, the room will be different,” McCarthy added. “Every time you have a new coach, it will be Scott’s opportunity, but Brian and I will be there almost full time, pretty fluid. My goal is for Dak to play 20 games next year. If he plays 20 games next year, obviously we’re going to be right where we want to be,” McCarthy concluded about maybe getting to the Super Bowl with Prescott.

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The Ravens would have tried to sign Baker Mayfield

QB Lamar Jackson’s novel is red hot. At this point in free agency, it’s no longer just a question of whether or not he deserves a fully guaranteed future contract, it’s not just that he recently needed to request a trade from his current team, and it’s not even whether a non-NFLPA-certified agent would be negotiating on your behalf; The problem has escalated and in Baltimore they require a second option, which they would have already sought before, but failed in their attempt.

According Joe Bucs Fan, this Wednesday it was specified that the Ravens would have made an offer to QB Baker Mayfield, but he rejected it and eventually chose to be a new element of the Rams. Mayfield’s decline is certainly a big problem for Baltimore, who currently have only one quarterback under contract in Anthony Brown, while Tyler Huntley, Jackson’s direct backup last season, remains a restricted free agent for now.

Mayfield, 27, the previous offseason was sent from the Browns to the Panthers, taking over the starting role for the start of the season, but posting only a 1-5 record as a starter, he was sent to the bench and later released, signing with the Rams, where he started four games with a 1-3 record, showing flashes that have allowed him to reach the Buccaneers, where he will likely start in 2023 and not just as a secondary option as he would have been in Baltimore.

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Kyle Shanahan: “Jimmy Garoppolo in the 49ers was extremely successful”

A little over two weeks ago it was confirmed that Jimmy Garoppolo became the Raiders’ new quarterback, leaving the 49ers organization in a move that was anticipated since the previous offseason but was postponed for more than one season, but that Jimmy G left San Francisco, it is not synonymous that he did so on bad terms. HC Kyle Shanahan hasn’t hesitated to admit that Garoppolo’s tenure with the franchise was filled with success.

“He was extremely successful,” Shanahan said, summarizing Jimmy G’s tenure with the 49ers from 2017 to 2022. “Look at his track record. I know he had a hard time staying healthy with us. The one year he stayed healthy, he led us to the Super Bowl. There were another two years: the year after he was healthier, we got to the NFC Championship. Jimmy played at an extremely high level for us and allowed us to win a lot of games, he is a very good quarterback.”

The 49ers acquired Jimmy G from the Patriots in exchange for a second-round pick midway through the 2017 season, and in 57 games, 55 starts, Garoppolo guided San Francisco to a 38-17 mark, completing 67.6%. shipments for 13,599 yards, 82 TD and 42 INT. However, during his tenure with the franchise, due to injury issues he was only able to participate in one full season, and now the organization has decided to move on with Brock Purdy and Trey Lance.

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Browns “confident” that Deshaun Watson will return to his best form

In the eyes of the fans, due to their alleged sexual assault problem, the Browns probably sullied their reputation by acquiring QB Deshaun Watson the previous offseason, but Cleveland chose to offer their new quarterback the largest guaranteed contract in the history. Watson didn’t look deserving of it, though: After serving an 11-game ban, he returned to the field last season and went 3-3 as a starter, passing for just 1,102 yards, 7 TDs and 5 INTs.

Those numbers are far from the Pro Bowler Watson once was with the Texans, but Cleveland is confident his old form will return: “The confidence for me comes from watching it,” said HC Kevin Stefanski, via Anthony Poisal of the team’s website. . “I saw him in games last season, he wasn’t perfect, he wasn’t, we weren’t perfect around him. As we know, it’s not a one man show, it’s a team game and we weren’t as successful as we would have liked at the end of the campaign. But I’ve seen it from Deshaun in games, in practice, in his career, so I’m confident about it.”

“We’re very excited about Deshaun, excited for a full offseason with the guys he’s already created chemistry with and some additional players we’ve added on offense,” GM Andrew Berry added. “The familiarity with Kevin and the offensive staff, even adjusting to a new environment, we’ve obviously seen that in practice. We have seen his talent, his ability, but it is a period of adjustment, and we feel very good that he has a full spring, a full summer and perhaps a more normal start to the regular season, which bodes well for the team.” .

The Browns have upgraded their weapons for Watson this offseason, bringing in receivers like Elijah Moore and Marquise Goodwin, or TE Jordan Akins. For this reason, the 27-year-old veteran quarterback is expected to see a rise in his level and, for that, in Cleveland they will grant him more freedom in the line of scrimmage due to the “comfort in the system” that he has already acquired: “He did it a few times last year, that will increase the more repetitions you have in our system,” Stefanski concluded.

What do you think of the words of Kevin Stefanski and Andrew Berry? What do the Browns aspire to with Deshaun Watson? We read you in the comments below this article and on our social networks.

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