NFL: Invited to take test, Travis Kelce fails to name league’s 32 head coaches

Kansas City Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce underwent a somewhat embarrassing exercise during a recent podcast in which he attempted to identify every head coach in the NFL, except he miserably failed.

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During the podcast New Heights, Kelce, who won the most recent Super Bowl, was joined by his brother Jason, a member of the Finals losers, the Philadelphia Eagles. At one point in the clip, the Chiefs player is asked to examine a group photo of the 32 coaches; this type of shot is taken annually on the sidelines of NFL owners’ meetings and inevitably includes several new faces.

However, taking care to specify just before executing that it is the worst to name people, Travis Kelce begins to pair figures with teams. However, after talking about the Los Angeles Chargers (Brandon Staley), New York Giants (Brian Daboll) and San Francisco 49ers (Kyle Shanahan), the offensive player grew impatient.

“Who is it, exactly? I’ve never seen that guy!” he mentioned in particular, bursting out laughing.

While he was able to associate certain formations with faces, he was unable to provide full names other than Doug Pederson of the Jacksonville Jaguars.


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