New threat of abandonment in ‘Survivors’, with a reminder from Ion Aramendi: “There are consequences”

03/27/2023 at 12:02


Gema Aldón threatened to leave the reality show during the broadcast of ‘Conexión Honduras’

survivors He already has his first definitive expulsion. Last night, during the broadcast of ‘Conexión Honduras’, Sergio Garrido He had to leave the beach of the forgotten and head for Spain after losing in the televote against Jaime Nava and Artùr Dainese. But in addition to this expulsion, and to the surprise of the spectators, another contestant threatened to leave the island. Ion Aramendi connected with Aldon Gem after knowing his intention to end his adventure in the Cayos Cochinos. Ana María Aldón’s daughter then explained the reason why she wanted to make that decision: “I have been suffering from some kind of elbow ailment for three days. I don’t know what’s wrong with me, it’s very inflamed and it’s unbearable. I have had a daughter and it has not hurt me as much to give birth as this elbow is hurting me.

Upon hearing her words, the presenter revealed that the medical team had tried to give her a treatment to alleviate her ailments, but she rejected it “in a radical way”. “Today, however, you have agreed to the treatment. Obviously, as is obvious, it will take time to take effect. We listen to the medical team, and what they have told us is that you can continue on the beach. The treatment is going to take effect and you are going to be under observation to see how you are evolving,” Aramendi commented.

In addition, for the peace of mind of his family, he insisted that at this time there are no medical reasons that advise Gema’s evacuation: “You should continue with the treatment, the recommendations of the medical team and your contest.” “Now, if you want to continue abandoning, it is your right. But that would mean that you must face all the consequences of your abandonment.”he warned in a serious tone before a Gem that remained in its thirteen.

However, the survivor changed her mind after speaking live with her mother, who comforted her with some loving words from the set: “I have to apologize for all the times I did not trust you, you have left me at the level of bitumen (…) all of Spain is with you. Your daughter is waiting for you to eat the fish you catch.”

“All your worries are under control. I remind you that leaving the contest is not an option, because that will frustrate your dreams,” Ana María continued to tell Gema. Between tears, the survivor chose to remain on the island: “We continue.”


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