Negreira Case | And if Barça was not the only one paying Negreira?

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The ‘justification’ of the ex-presidents of FC Barcelona, Josep Maria Bartomeu and Sandro Rosell, for the ‘Negreira Case’ the thing is “we paid in self-defense”according to The World.

The newspaper affirms that it has spoken with the environment of the ex-Barça directors who hid the payments to their directors and executives “to protect them” since they were convinced, according to the information, that there was a tendency to favor Real Madrid in the refereeing establishment.

In this sense, the same source indicates that “from the environment of the former presidents, it is also insisted that Payments such as those made to Negreira “have been made by other First and Second teams”. So you complain about it Only action is being taken against the Catalan entity for conduct that, they maintain without providing evidence, is widespread in Spanish football“.

The information also refers to a meeting in 2004 between Joan Laporta, who had been president for a year, and Joan Gaspart, his predecessor in office, at the Avenida Palace hotel in Barcelona. “They were talking for hours and talked about the need not to lose weight in the Federation, in which Negreira was vice president of the CTA. That same year, in 2004, Gaspart was appointed vice president of institutional and international affairs of the Federation.“recalls ‘El Mundo’.

Thus, the question arises as to whether Barça is the only Spanish team that paid Enríquez Negreira.

In fact, according to information from EL PERIÓDICO DE ESPAÑA, from the Prensa Ibérica groupat the beginning of February, between 2010 and 2011, Girona hired a company owned by José María Enríquez Negreira, son of the former vice-president of the Referees Committee, to do coaching work.

During the first season, his company, Soccercam SL, charged monthly 3,000 euros plus VAT, as well as travel expenses and different premiums, for these mental coach. That season Girona was in 11th position in the Spanish Second Division. After the first contract signed until June 30, 2011, Negreira he doubled his salary to 6,000 euros plus VAT in a second stage at the club. On November 5, however, he was informed of his dismissal by letter.

The company of the former vice president of the referees sued the Girona club. Initially, Girona Court of First Instance number 2 upheld the claim in its entirety and sentenced Girona to pay compensation of 63,700 euros for the early termination of the contract, in an amount that corresponded to the remaining months of the contract. However, in a subsequent procedure before the Provincial Court of Girona, the judge estimated that Girona only owed him what he left unpaid, 7,080 euros (VAT included) of the payroll for the month of October and another 1,180 euros for the payment of the five days of November.

According to the source contacted by El Mundo, there could be different professional teams in Spain that have hired Negreiraand not only FC Barcelona.


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