NBA, Mike Brown second coach of the Kings at 40 wins: LeBron is rooting for him

The Kings have been out of Kansas City since the 1985-86 season moving permanently to Sacramento, but in these almost 40 years they have really given few satisfactions to their fans. At the helm of the team they have alternated well 19 different trainersyet among them only one managed to take them beyond the 40 win mark — a milestone that, in an 82-game season, shouldn’t be so inaccessible, at least for a competent franchise. Since he took over the bench in 1998 to his departure in 2005-06, Hall of Famer Rick Adelman has led the Kings to the playoffs every single seasonalso reaching the conference finals in 2002 (lost not without controversy against the Los Angeles Lakers) and over 40 hits of the season seven times. But before him and after him there was emptinessalthough Garry St. Jean (twice) and Dave Joerger (in 2018-19) came close to 39. joining Adelman in this “record” came Mike Brownwho despite having only managed 66 games to date has already reached 40 hitsfast approaching the end of the “curse” that has seen the Kings miss the playoffs since 2006 — not surprisingly the last year with Adelman on the bench.

Even LeBron votes Mike Brown: “Hands-down Coach of the Year”


Kings, the incredible February of De’Aaron Fox

The results achieved by the Kings (especially considering those missed in the last 20 years or so) put Mike Brown in pole position to win the Coach of the Year awardan honor he already received in his career in 2008-09 when he coached the Cleveland Cavaliers of LeBron James. Who, for his part, made himself heard in support of his former coach: responding to a tweet from the Legion Hoops aggregator who claimed that the award should go to Brown, the King wrote “HANDS DOWN!!!!! Mike Brown is making them play great!!!”, thus giving his public support to his former coach. With whom, according to the chronicles of the time, it is not that relations were necessarily idyllic, but it is known that the distance heals any wound — and now even LeBron James is rooting for Mike Brown.


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