NBA: Mavs superstar Luka Doncic fined $35,000 – US SPORT NBA BASKETBALL

Luka Doncic (24) has to dig deep into his pocket!

The Dallas Mavericks basketball superstar received a hefty $35,000 fine after losing 125-127 to the Golden State Warriors. The reason: During the game he rubbed his thumb against his index and middle finger – a sign of money. He accused the referee of tampering. Although the ref did not penalize Doncic, the NBA found the Slovenian’s behavior “unprofessional and inappropriate”.

There was also trouble after the game: Mavericks owner Marc Cuban accused the referees of having made the wrong decision and wants to protest against the game’s rating.

What happened? In one scene, the Mavericks thought they were allowed to resume possession after a time-out, but instead the umpires gave the ball to the Warriors, who then scored an unchallenged easy goal. Cuban called it the “worst non-call mistake in NBA history” on Twitter. However, the Mavericks’ chances of success against the game’s rating are very slim. This has happened very rarely in the NBA, most recently in 2007.

Particularly annoying: Golden State won the game against the Mavericks by exactly two points. Tonight (7 p.m.) the Mavs are going for the next points at the Charlotte Hornets.


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