NBA goal for Rayan Rupert

NBA – Even if he has not yet announced his registration for the Draft, the Frenchman has his eyes fixed on the American league.

Beaten in the NBL final by the Sydney Kings, Rayan Rupert finished his season in Australia, with his New Zealand Breakers team. The Frenchman can now look to the future and many are now waiting for him in the NBA.

But the rear, observed by Sean Marks, the GM of the Nets, during the season, has not yet made his decision for the 2023 Draft. Nevertheless, Iliana’s little brother is thinking of the American league.

“The NBA has always been a goal”he confirms, invited by the NBA Extra program. “But it doesn’t stop at the Draft, which is just a small game. The hardest part is necessarily afterwards. Being able to face the best players in the world, whom I have watched on TV since I was little, is a dream for any basketball player. I think I’m ready even if, like any young player, I still have to improve. »

The son of the late Thierry Rupert also explained that he wanted above all to become a professional and that he had thus refused university offers in the United States. The NCAA has never been “career plan” for him.

He will soon fly to Dallas to work and make his decision, with his agents. “It will come with age, but I have to develop physically and I have to improve my shooting,” he specifies. “My shooting has improved this year, but I’m still a bit irregular. I want to become a complete player. »


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