NBA: Damian Lillard improves on Chicago’s last Michael Jordan: 13 games of 40 or more points

Damian Lillard lives a magical course. The point guard of the Portland Trail Blazers, at 32 years of age, He is in a second youth given by his great capacity, but raised to the maximum: the annotation. It’s not just his 71 points against the Houston Rockets, it’s the consistency facing the hoop to lead a franchise that is still a long way from delivering ‘DOLLA’ somewhat proportional to his quality as a star player and reference within the league.

Against the New Orleans Pelicans, Lillard scored 41 points, as well as 8 rebounds, marking an excellent 12/22 shooting from the field. Another huge scoring performance, the 13th point guard in 40 or more points. Something that places him on a par with the best of all time given his age and a level that does not decrease despite the passing of the years.

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In fact, Lillard became the player aged 32 or over with the most games of 40 or more points in one course. He beat Michael Jordan’s 12 in the 1997-98 season. That is to say, the last Jordan of the Chicago Bulls before his sixth ring, the last shot against the Utah Jazz and one that signed the MVP of the regular season and that of the finals.

Behind him, Lillard charges in 2022-23 with games of 71 points, 60, 50, 44, two of 42, two of 41 and four of 40. Probably the best of his career. Although he will have a ‘stain’ that Jordan’s does not, of course. Fight for everything. “I have never been recognized for everything I have achieved. Unless we can win a championship for Portland. They better pray that he doesn’t make it with the Blazers,” he explained.

They better pray that I don’t get to win a championship

Damian Lillard

It is something that also explains how with games like the most recent one of 41 points against the Blazers does not equate to victories. In fact, they fell resoundingly (110-121) against the New Orleans Pelicans. Ingram scored 40 and Willy Hernangómez, present for 21 minutes, 7 with 7 rebounds.


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