NBA: Bloody altercation at Giannis comeback – US-SPORT NBA BASKETBALL

The Giannis comeback was hot!

NBA superstar Giannis Antetokounmpo made his comeback in his Milwaukee Bucks’ 133-124 win over the Sacramento Kings. The Greek was the best thrower of the evening with a strong 46 points. There were also 12 rebounds and four assists for the “Greek Freak”.

Things got really heated 15 seconds from the end of the game when Sacramento’s Trey Lyles fouled Giannis unnecessarily hard. Bucks teammate Brook Lopez didn’t like that at all. Lyles and Brooks clashed. Lyles lunged back and slapped Lopez in the face before the two began grabbing each other’s heads and necks.

Immediately some players and managers from both teams came along and tried to separate the two brawlers from each other. On the way to the bank where he was treated, a bloody cut on the left eye of the visibly upset Lopez can be seen.


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