Nathalie and Angie eliminated in Beijing Express: Internet users cry foul!

M6 broadcast a new episode of Beijing Express: the secret choice this Thursday, March 30, 2023. Faced with the elimination of Nathalie and Angie, Internet users cried foul at the end of the show.

New stage

A new episode of Beijing Express: the secret choice was broadcast this Thursday, March 30, 2023 on M6. A new stage which gave a hard time to Alexandra and Laura who, since they had arrived in last place last week, had to continue their race with a handicap: a Paraguayan dancer equipped with a festive costume.

The challenge was not easy for the duo, so much so that they once again finished in last place. Nevertheless, Alexandra and Laura managed to save their place during the duel, facing Nathalie and Angie.


Alexandra and Laura have indeed chosen to face the pair of unknowns during the duel… still with their handicap! If Laura therefore embarked on the event with the Paraguayan dancer by her side, she managed to win against Nathalie.

Alexandra and Laura were therefore saved to the detriment of Nathalie and Angie who had to leave the competition. An elimination that provoked the indignation of Internet users, many of whom cried foul on Twitter.

“I’m sorry, I don’t accept the handicap of Laura who runs with her. It’s not a handicap, what the fuck. Nathalie who is running behind but who is not fast enough because she is older, it broke my heart. Nathalie and Angie best duo I’m going to cry », “Frankly it’s so disgusting for Angie and Nathalie. I will stop there, I will not continue to watch. I don’t want to be bad but really the sisters had the most invisible handicap in history, it’s borderline if we don’t give them the easy victory “, “The sisters’ handicap: she danced once, she helped Laura advance in the final duel and she wasn’t even the one who did the archery! »could we read in particular.

If the Paraguayan dancer complicated the game of Alexandra and Laura, Internet users are unanimous: this handicap was not really one.

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