Namyangju City Council Autonomous Administrative Committee, on-site confirmation of public property management plan review: Gyeonggi Peace Newspaper

▲ 03.13. Members of the Autonomous Administrative Committee are checking the construction site of the underground public parking lot at the water park in Pyeongnae-dong.

The Autonomous Administrative Committee of the Namyangju City Council made an on-site visit from March 13th to 14th in preparation for the review of the public property management plan submitted as an agenda for the 293rd extraordinary meeting.

This site visit was prepared to confirm the project site and listen to the business plan for efficient agenda review of the 2017 public property management plan change plan and the 2023 public property management plan, which are scheduled to be presented at the 293rd extraordinary meeting.

On the 13th, chairperson Kim Ji-hoon and other members of the Autonomous Administrative Committee visited a total of 10 sites. On the 13th, ▲ construction of a public parking lot under the water park in Pyeongnae-dong ▲ acquisition of land rights for the underground public parking lot of Simseok High School playground ▲ demolition and construction of a badminton court in Chasan-ri, Hwado-eup ▲ Paldang 2, Wabu-eup Construction of a public parking lot in Ri ▲Concession of organic farming demonstration complex facilities ▲Visiting the construction site of a public parking lot in Dasan-Jiji district ▲ On the 14th ▲Toegyewon-myeon Toegyewon-ri resident base facility and Ssamji Park construction project Land purchase ▲Byeolnae Soccer Complex Cultural Center construction project ▲Jinjeop-eup Geumgok 1-ri We visited the demolition and construction of the village hall ▲Jinjeop-eup-Pungyang badminton court one after another.

In addition, the project progress status was reported from the relevant department, and data necessary for the review of the agenda were collected by examining the site with the relevant public officials.

Kim Ji-hoon, chairman of the Autonomous Administration Committee, said, “As the agendas submitted for this extraordinary meeting are public livelihood-related projects that are closely related to the lives of residents, such as sports facilities and parking lots, we will thoroughly review them so that facilities that meet the purpose of the project can be built.”



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