‘My intention is to play for the New York Jets’; Rodgers confirms departureHalftime

He future of aaron rodgers is far from the Green Bay Packersand after almost 20 years in the franchise, he announced that his future points to the New York Jetswaiting for the transaction to close.

The historic quarterback thanked the organization of the Packers and to fans on The Pat McAfee Show.

“Since Friday it was clear to me, My intention is to play and do it with the New York Jets. My thanks to the Packers for everything they have given me, and the reality, the Packers want to go another direction. I still want to play, do it in New York.”

“In fact, it already happened, a few days ago. Coming to the show was never to announce that I’m retiring or coming back.. It’s to tell you how things are. In 2020 they brought Jordan Love to replace me, it wasn’t for that time, but the Packers like to get rid of players a year before, not a year after.”

Rodgers also revealed that virtually he was determined that he was going to retirebut he saw how the panorama changed with the Packersand that they sought to move it.

“They told me ‘take as long as you want, we want you to retire with the Packers’… when I went to the ‘dark’ something changed, I’m not sure, but I looked at the phone again after five days, I realized that there was a change, I heard from several people that I trust that the Packers were interested in moving me”.



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