Miriam Rodríguez, former contestant of ‘OT’, sneaks into ‘The wheel of luck’ and finds out about this bombshell

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The singer appeared in ‘Roulette of Luck’ and the presenter revealed strong news to her

The program used one of its typical panels to break the news.

The wheel of fortune has lived a most curious moment today. Between toss and toss, Jorge Fernandez and the contestants have witnessed something that we did not remember seeing on this show until now.

The space, which It is broadcast on Antena 3 every noon, continues to reap great audience successes. Increase your quota of faithful daily and, tAfter introducing changes in the format, each day it achieves better share results.

Jorge Fernández, the singer, the stewardess… and the public. These elements of the program are already an icon of popular culture who have been accompanying us at lunchtime since they shared a time with the Simpsons.

The audience power of La Roulette is so great that Antena 3 has decided to keep it despite competition as strong as ‘Ya es Mediodía’ by Sonsoles Ónegaone of the star programs of the house in recent months.

Deserves special mention the public. Songs, dances… La Roulette is an authentic spectacle that borders on the musical and part of this animationwhich was not there at the beginning, is the explanation of the aura that the program has.

Thus, it is normal that programs are expected with great expectation. And any event, like today’s, be widely commented and shared on social networks by its thousands of followers.Miriam Rodriguezformer OT contestant, has slipped into ‘The wheel of luck’ where he has received very good news. The singer had to solve the panel with the clue: ‘Your future’.

After some good throws, some consonant and buying a pair of vowels, the contestant managed to decipher the panel: Miriam, you’re in Your face sounds familiar to me!’ but it seems that she didn’t take the hint and Jorge had to explain it to her again, will be one of the new contestants of the program presented by Manuel Fuentes.

A very pleasant visit to ‘La roulette de la suerte’ for the singer who will begin a new phase as a singer and impersonator in one of the leading Antena 3 programs ‘Your face sounds to me’.


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