Millonarios celebrates two returns against Bucaramanga: clear headlines

Alberto Gamero chose the list of travelers, with rotation thinking of South America.

Millionaires will face Bucaramanga this Saturday, in a duel corresponding to date 11 of the BetPlay League. The ambassadors will begin a marathon month, where they will be facing the local tournament and the Copa Sudamericana.

Alberto Gamero knows that he will have to manage the squad for all the challenges that come. For this, the strategist will have to manage the entire payroll, to balance loads and wear, given the number of games to come.

In the case of the game against Bucaramanga, it will have several novelties and players who are used to being starters. This is the case of Juan Pablo Vargas, Álvaro Montero who were on the FIFA date with Costa Rica and Colombia, as well as Óscar Cortés, who was with the Under 20s, in the friendlies in Colombia.

In addition, he will have two expected returns, since both players were expected to be ready for these dates. This is the case of Stiven Vega, who recovered from a knee injury suffered in April last year and muscle problems. In addition, from Luis Carlos Ruiz, after the results regarding the problem that put the team on edge due to his health.

The absence of a large part of the starting roster stands out, including names like Llinás, Perlaza, Cataño, Silva, Castro, among others.


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