Mga and Bwf: data sharing to prevent suspicious betting

The Badminton world federation (BWF) Integrity Unit has established a data sharing agreement with the MGA Malta. Objective to monitor and prevent suspicious bets.

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Objective to monitor and prevent suspicious bets. La Badminton world federation (Bwf) Integrity Unit, or the unit that works to keep badminton (shuttle) free from doping and match manipulation, recently established a agreement for the cData sharing with the Malta Gaming Authority (MGA) of Malta.

A partnership strategy that represents a key component regarding the monitoring activity related to suspicious bets in the sport of badminton which once again demonstrates the BWF Integrity Unit’s ongoing commitment to clean and fair sport.

According to what is learned on the official site of the MGA Monitoring and investigations are a vital aspect of the “anti-match” manipulation operations of the BWF, in which information on players and matches is collected. In fact, through this activity they come details of the competition are analyzed while intelligence is used in the investigation of possible match manipulation.

Speaking of which Antonio Zerafa, Mga Head of Financial Crime Compliance declares that he is “very pleased to see the Badminton World Federation added to the long list of sport governing bodies that the authority already assists on a practical level. We look forward to working with the BWF Integrity Unit on any issues that may arise.”

The opinion of the General Secretary of the BWF, Thomas Lund, according to which “this partnership helps the BWF Integrity Unit to protect the integrity of sport with MGA helping to facilitate the sharing of data between betting operators and the BWF Integrity Unit”.

“We consider this – he concludes – as a deterrent to potential corrupters of the sport as we continue to preserve the integrity of badminton“.
Signing data-sharing agreements with sport’s governing bodies is an essential part of the MGA’s work.

The Integrity Unit is an operational unit within the BWF office in Kuala Lumpur. In addition to match manipulation monitoring, it manages anti-doping and anti-match programs and implements awareness, information, education and deterrence initiatives within the badminton community.


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