Matt Buttler commanded Pipers victory

The actions of the 2023 Professional Basketball Super League continue, this time the Fenelón Díaz Gymnasium was the place where one of the most exciting matches of the harvest took place.

Héroes de Falcón and Gaiteros del Zulia faced each other in Punto Fijo, a match in which the Zulians were victorious with a final score of 84-83.

The game between the two quintets turned out to be a strategic match in which both teams had to get the most out of the field and fight until the last second for victory.

Returning to the actions, both clubs got involved in an exchange of baskets from which the locals got the best part.

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Despite Richard Bautista’s great night with his double digits of 30 points and 11 assists, Héroes could not maintain the slightest advantage.

For the Zulians the most outstanding was Matt Buttler leaving a total of 19 points and 5 assists in the match.

Followed by Chaed Williams who scored 17 points and 5 assists.


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