María Pedraza and Marc Márquez revolutionize Instagram with this photo: “New couple?”

Maria Pedraza has been one of the lucky ones who has been able to enjoy, on the front line, the GP of Portimao motorcycling this weekend. The actress came accompanied by her sister Celia de ella and her professional partner Miguel and Ángel Silvestre and wanted to leave the record on networks with this carousel of photos.

Like each of his ‘posts’, it has been filled with ‘likes’ and comments in just a few minutes. But, without a doubt, there is an image that has ended up driving his ‘fans’ crazy.

This is the second, in which the young interpreter appears hugging the pilot Marc Márquez after the race with a smile from ear to ear. And it is that both were related a couple of years ago as a possible couple.

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“New couple?”, “Marc and you” or “Don’t get so close to my Marc”, are some of the comments that can be read on the publication’s board. And it is that now that both seem to be single there are many who speculate that there are between them something more than a friendship.


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