María Becerra and Ráfaga broke it at Lollapalooza SHOW El Intransigente

On the last night of Lollapalooza 2023, Maria Becerra gave an amazing show. It was the first time that the singer appeared at this event and she decided to do it in an unforgettable way. She gave a show with her best songs and also had two luxury guests: Lola Indigo and the cumbia band Burstwith whom he presented a new video clip hours before.

Maria Becerra He had already anticipated that his show was going to have many news regarding his Animal Tour. However, the great moment of the night and that made everyone present vibrate was when he introduced Burst. With them he performed the band’s classic song, liarand they also sang Byethe last single they released in collaboration.

Premiering video clip

Maria Becerra continues to dazzle with his creations. The singer does not deprive herself of anything and this time she presented the video clip of her latest song with the cumbia band Burst. Is about Byea collaboration in which she participated a while ago and now she has released a clip to the madness of her fans, who follow her on every release by the singer.

Bye It is one of the singles that he presented Maria Becerra on his second album The Argentinian Girl. The video for the song was recorded at the San Martín theater and has all the rhythm that characterizes Burst combined with the particular voice of the singer that breaks her in the urban genre. This time, she took over the cumbia to make it her own.

The video clip was produced by Asalto and under the direction of Julian Levy. In this you can see the singer in the center of the scene, accompanied by the musicians of Burst. They chose their classic costumes, unmistakable and a symbol of the tropical music group that knew how to be one of the most listened to in Argentina during the ’90s.


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